"Trio" cotton-rich knee sock from lucky7socks.com


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"He's a plain bay."

You hear that phrase often.  It's hardly ever said with much enthusiasm, as if color and chrome actually gave a horse special powers.

But you think back on all the wonderful horses in your life who have been "plain bays", each with a special place.

Galloping home in a downpour on Saun, trying to keep up with your friend's horse,  laughing from the joy of it.  Secret, a tall, athletic Thoroughbred who cemented your love of the breed forever.  Hendrix, who taught you the hard lesson that love sometimes isn't enough.

All of them bay, none of them plain.


Trio.  There are three on each side of each sock.

One-size fine-gauge knee socks fit women’s US foot sizes 6 – 10

75% Cotton / 20% Polyester / 5% Spandex