About Us

lucky7socks.com Samurai and Ruby October 2015


Kristen Slade has loved horses since birth.  As a girl, she galloped everywhere, jumped over lawn chairs in the yard, and spent every spare moment reading about and drawing horses; her father introduced her as "this is my daughter who thinks she's a horse."  Horses continue to inspire Kristen's art and life through her painting, drawing, short animated films, and as the creative force behind Lucky 7 Socks. 

Each sock design starts with a story in her mind about a real or imagined horse.  She then paints small, colorful paintings to illustrate the story.  These paintings become the basis for the sock graphics.  Knitted using a technique called intarsia, each different color in the knitted socks is a separate strand of fine-gauge, cotton-rich yarn, making the designs seem like painting with yarn.

Kristen and her Thoroughbred gelding, Samurai,  explore the hills and fields of Northern Vermont.