Here are some common questions and answers!

"I have (check those that apply) large calves / big feet / long legs, will Lucky 7 Socks fit me?"

Lucky 7 Socks are one-size-fits-most, stretchable socks that generally fit US women's foot sizes 6 - 10, are tall enough to cover long legs, and stretch to accommodate varied calf sizes.  Doubters take the "try it on and see" challenge at trade shows, and so far, everyone comes out smiling, with colorful socks that fit their shape.

"Do you have kid's sizes?"

Currently, there is one size, as described above.

"Are they warm?"

Because your view of this is subjective, the only answer is "it depends".  Lucky 7 Socks are a cotton blend, and similar in weight to a pair of tights but heavier than "nylons" and stockings.  They are a "flat" knit, like a tee shirt, not a looped construction like a hiking sock.  They are warmer than barefoot, and not as warm as a winter sock.

"They're $14?  Each?!"

Yep.  There's a lot of time and care taken to design these from scratch.  Every style starts with hand drawing and painting to make sure the artwork is just right before it goes any further.  Yarn colors are then chosen and digital graphics developed.  It's a long road from idea to finished sock.  Lucky 7 Socks offer unique designs that are exclusive to us.  

Designed in Vermont by life-long horse lover and artist, Kristen Slade, each sock starts with a story in her mind about a real or imagined horse.  She then paints small, colorful paintings to illustrate the story.  These paintings become the basis for the sock graphics.  Knitted using a technique called intarsia, each different color in the knitted socks is a separate strand of fine-gauge, cotton-rich yarn, making the designs seem like painting with yarn.

"If I buy multiple pairs, is there a discount?"

Online sales over $50 receive free shipping.  In the near future, there will be loyalty programs for frequent buyers, but for now, there is one price no matter how many pairs you buy.

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us!