Lucky 7 Socks:  Art for your Feet!

Lucky 7 Socks start their lives as art – art made by human hands putting color on paper.  There’s creativity and playfulness and love designed into every sock, and it all starts with the horse.

Designed in Vermont by life-long horse lover and artist, Kristen Slade, each sock starts with a story in her mind about a real or imagined horse.  She then paints small, colorful paintings to illustrate the story.  These paintings become the basis for the sock graphics.  Knitted using a technique called intarsia, each different color in the knitted socks is a separate strand of fine-gauge, cotton-rich yarn, making the designs seem like painting with yarn.

These knee socks are built to stay up!  The knitted structure of Lucky 7 Socks incorporates a nearly-invisible stretchable thread on the inside of the knitting that allows them to stay up comfortably on your legs, and stretch to accommodate varied foot and leg sizes, as well as being pulled over breeches, casual leggings, and tights.  

Lucky 7 Socks are high-quality, cotton-rich socks that feature colorful, original designs that appeal to every horse person, no matter what your discipline.  Your love of horses colors every part of your life.  Show that devotion all the way down to your toes by wearing Lucky 7 Socks.  Exclusive, artful designs inspired by horses everywhere.